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Expanding security barriers from The Australian Trellis Door Company for the mining industry

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Retractable steel trellis security doors and concertina security barriers from The Australian Trellis Door Company (ATDC) are designed to secure most commercial, industrial, retail and domestic facilities. ATDC supplies and installs these security barriers in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide and Brisbane.

Providing a high level of security against intruders, the expanding security doors are mainly available in three types to suit different applications. These include top-hung heavy duty retractable security gates, double diamond sliding trellis doors and mobile trackless barriers.
Retractable security gates

The top-hung heavy duty retractable security gate is ideal for street-front retail stores, clubs, pubs, commercial buildings, government and educational facilities as well as for doorways in residential dwellings.
This security gate runs in a top track with a range of options for the bottom from a fixed or removable bottom track to patio bolt locking with no bottom track at all. Operating in a straight line or a curved configuration, the folding security gates are fixed at the sides, and can lock either at the side or in the centre.
Double diamond sliding trellis doors

These concertina security barriers operate without a top track and require side fixing points. Folding sideways, these security gates occupy minimal side room and are easily hinged. The narrow gaps between the steel mesh prevent the public from putting their hands through them. The sliding trellis doors are also useful on fire egress applications.
The double diamond security doors are constructed from steel, galvanised against corrosion and powder coated in a gloss enamel finish for a modern and professional look.
Mobile trackless barriers

Consisting of trellis security grilles mounted on mobile wheel bases, trackless barriers provide flexibility, allowing difficult-to-secure openings to be closed off. The self-supporting security barriers can be used without a super structure or fixing points and supports, and can be stored off premises.

ATDC trellis doors for the mining industry
The expanding security barriers are employed in the mining industry in diverse applications including securing residential dwellings, offices, utilities and recreational facilities at mine sites.
Top-hung folding security grilles are used to secure doorways to demountable residential dwellings within mining camps, providing residents the assurance of formidable security behind strong, high-quality steel security doors. Ornately designed and finished with a high-quality powder coat, these doors are attractive in a domestic setting.
Also used to secure offices as well as recreational buildings within mining camps, the retractable security grilles block access to unwanted intruders when closed.
These security grilles were recently installed at the Mandaroo Mining Facility in WA, which provides housing for up to 5,000 miners. Trellis security doors were installed inside the recreational building between the pub area and the television room, creating an easily operable closure to segregate the two areas.
Trellis security gates were also installed in the same building between the pub area and the games room so that residents could continue to play games even after drinking hours, when restriction of access to the pub was required.
The New Gold’s Peak Gold Mine at Cobar also installed these top hung security barriers in one of their man-riding cages, typically used for hoisting materials or people underground.
ATDC’s double diamond trellis security grilles are increasingly being used on mine sites to protect the electrical services and restrict tampering with power boards, while still maintaining airflow and see-through visibility when the trellis door is closed and locked.
These trellis grilles also find application in restricting public access to high pressure water valves and water hydrants in narrow corridors, which feed water into their fire sprinkler systems. The narrow gaps between the steel mesh in these trellis doors prevent anyone from putting their hands through to reach the water valves and services.
Mobile trackless concertina security barriers are used by mines to provide a protective barrier for dangerous machinery in mining and manufacturing environments, restricting access especially during operation.
Retractable security barriers are also used to secure loading docks and warehouse roller door entries in mines preventing unauthorised access. The systems are secured on each end by a slam-lock facility, which locks the barrier to a side fixing point. ATDC’s removable lockable post can be alternatively used if no suitable side-fixing point is available.

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