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Attic conversion and renovation by Attic Ladder Group

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Use the space between the ears to convert that unused space in the roof cavity by getting in touch with Attic Ladder Group of Australia. Attic Ladder Group of Australia incorporates Attic Ladders and the building division, Roof Space Converters, which enables the Attic Group to be a shop for everything associated with converting that roof space to a storage area, rumpus room, bedroom or even an observatory.

Attic Ladder Group, which has offices and showrooms in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide as well as a host of regional distributors and dealers in all states and the ACT, can do the lot.

Install an Attic Ladder to access the area, renovate the roof cavity and also install skylights and windows. Attic Ladders was one of the first companies to introduce the sensational attic ladders concept to Australian home owners’ way back in 1975.

An Attic Ladder enabled Australians to gain safe, easy access to the roof for storage, living or maintenance. Previously one had to squeeze through the existing manhole and having to put up with unsafe, shaky ladders, an attic ladder provides safe permanent access.

Great minds downs the years have struggled to discover whether the chicken came first or the Egg. In the story of attic conversions, the Attic Ladders was one of the catalysts for a large variety of roof space conversions. This brings one to Attic Ladders’ building division, Roof Space Converters.

Because of Attic Ladders one has a safe access to the roof cavity, step two is to convert that space into a storage or living area and Roof Space Converters has all the solutions for doing just that. Floors, walls, the installation of windows and skylights, Roof Space Converters does as its name implies.

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