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Attic Group converts roof cavity using attic ladder concept

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In the world of attic ladders and roof space conversion, there is little doubt that attic ladders hatched the idea of converting the unutilised space in roof cavities into something useful.

The Attic Group (incorporating Attic Ladders and Roof Space Converters) is your one-stop-shop for everything from supplying and installing attic ladders to converting the roof cavity into either a dust-proof storage area or a bedroom or office.

Market leadership has been maintained by the Attic Group providing cost-effective space solutions and a high standard of customer service something it has been doing since 1975 when it introduced the attic ladder concept to Australia.

Attic Ladders markets and installs a wide range of foldaway timber, aluminium and cast-alloy ladders while sister company Roof Space Converters can do it all in converting that unused space into something fantastic.

Roof Space Converters does it all for clients who possess the necessary space to kick a goal and convert it into something useful and which adds tremendous value to the home.

Roof Space Converters offers:

  • Structural inspection and work
  • Engineering and architectural design
  • Gyprock interiors
  • Skylights
  • Ventilation
  • Flooring
  • Foldaway attic ladders or fixed staircase
  • Electricals and
  • Superb finish and trim

Accessing the Attic Group products and services is simple because the company has offices and showrooms in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide and distributors and dealers all over the country.

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