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Texas Instruments installs AutoStore automated warehouse system

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article image Texas Instruments installs AutoStore automated warehouse system at Singapore PDC

Texas Instruments Australia LTD  announces the installation of the AutoStore inventory management system at the group’s Product Distribution Centre (PDC) in Singapore.

According to Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI), the installation of AutoStore automated warehouse system will further enhance the efficiency and reliability of its product shipments throughout Asia. TI is a global semiconductor design and manufacturing company that develops analogue ICs and embedded processors.

AutoStore inventory management system uses state-of-the-art warehouse automation to reduce the amount of space required for inventory. Goods are stored in bins within an aluminium grid structure, and battery-driven robots move along rails on the top of the grid to store and retrieve product from the bins. The robots deliver requested goods to operator ports along the outside of the grid.

TI's installation of this unique solution will include 63,000 storage bins for TI products.

TI commissioned Swisslog to design and implement AutoStore, which includes the grid system, AutoStore software and the light goods conveyor system. An efficient storage and order picking system for single items and small cases, AutoStore is one of the most innovative offerings from Swisslog.

Jan De Meulder, director of worldwide logistics at TI explains that the AutoStore system at full capacity will provide several benefits for TI's customers, including increased storage and shipping capabilities, adding that the innovative warehouse automation system will make more inventory readily available to their customers in Asia and improve the efficiency and reliability of their shipments.

A joint effort between TI and its logistics suppliers, DHL and Swisslog, the newly automated PDC began ramping this week and will be in full production by September. DHL provides complete contract logistics support at TI's PDC in Singapore and has been an integral partner through the design and implementation of AutoStore.

According to Kelvin Wong, Executive Director, Singapore Economic Development Board, the investment demonstrates how companies can deploy material handling solutions to significantly increase efficiency and productivity, enhance competitiveness and up-skill the jobs in logistics operations.

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