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DSL residential gateway reference designs

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TEXAS Instruments (TI) has released two DSL residential gateway reference designs that allow voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) and wireless home networking.

The AR7VWi combines VoIP, 802.11b/g wireless home networking and DSL into a single platform. The AR7V provides VoIP over DSL. Manufacturers can use the AR7 family to develop complete ADSL product lines.

The AR7 family enables manufacturers to quickly deploy products with significant design reuse and reduced complexity. The bill of materials (BOM) for VoIP DSL systems is reduced by the motherboard level integration in the AR7VWi and AR7V. The AR7 family uses VLYNQ chip to chip serial interface. This allows manufacturers to add onboard coprocessors and peripherals.

The AR7 designs integrate TI's silicon and Telogy software for VoIP. The VoIP solutions represent over 80% of the total VoIP integrated circuit (IC) shipment volume. A full set of voice features is included with the AR7V and the AR7VW. These include echo cancellation, voice packet playout software, tone processing, voice activity detection, and multiple low bit rate voice codecs for bandwidth reduction.

TI's Linux network support package can be used with the AR7 based solutions to solve quality of service challenges for voice. The NSP provides four priority queues to allow high quality levels for voice and data over the ADSL connection. Dynamic packet fragmentation optimises the use of upstream bandwidth available for data traffic after the voice packets are prioritised.

Both the AR7VWi and the AR7W include the TNETW1230 802.11b/g platform. This allows users to access broadband content and applications without wires. The AR7 family supports all existing DSL standards, including the new ADSL2 and ADSL2plus standards, enabling download speeds up to 24Mbps.

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