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Tetra Pak launches carton bottle

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TETRA Pak has launched the Carton Bottle, a new packaging concept that combines the best features of paper-based food carton packages and plastic bottles.

The novel package, part of Tetra Pak’s Tetra Top packaging system, will initially be available in volumes between 500ml and 1000ml for milk and juice-based products.

Each Carton Bottle package is made from a sleeve of carton material and an injection moulded plastic top. The top is significantly elevated, and a screw cap fitted, to complete the bottle-like functionality.

The first Tetra Top filling machines for producing Carton Bottles were delivered to European customers at the end of 2003.

“I’m proud to say we’ve succeeded in combining all the best features of carton packages with the typical benefits of plastic bottles,” said Jens Mogard, product portfolio manager at Tetra Top.

“The Carton Bottle package is primarily positioned to compete with plastic bottles labelled using full-body shrink film.

“Our existing line of Tetra Top packages is already world leading in terms of eye-appeal on shelf, thanks to its combination of a carton sleeve, offering an excellent platform for graphic design, and a plastic lid, for consumer convenience. With the eye-catching and re-sealable Carton Bottle, we’ve safely secured the distance between our packs and their competitors,” Mogard said.

The Carton Bottle offered a better platform for communicating a ‘freshness’ image, thanks to its use of carton material together with a plastic bottle top that offered both a wide pouring hole and screw cap. Other qualities that distanced the Carton Bottle from its competitors were photographic quality flexo-process printing, directly onto all visible carton surfaces, a safety membrane beneath the screw cap, and the fact that more than 50 percent of the material used to make each Carton Bottle is paper, a renewable resource.

Amine Haddad, sales & marketing director, Tetra Pak Australia said: “ We have the strongest chilled carton portfolio in the world and this new package further strengthens our leadership position. The carton bottle, as a packaging solution, offers the best of both worlds. We are confident that the success witnessed in Sweden can be replicated in Australia”

To produce the new Carton Bottle, Tetra Top had further developed its plastic injection moulding technique.

“A key component in any Tetra Top filling machine is the lid-forming unit (LFU) which injection moulds the polyethylene lids directly onto carton sleeves. This component has now been upgraded to ‘LFU G2’, a new generation lid-forming unit that opens up the potential for a full line of new Tetra Top openings.

“Our previous LFU performed the world’s fastest plastic injection moulding procedure, but I’m proud to say our new LFU G2 spices up this record with even greater stability, lower maintenance and more consistent lid quality,” said project leader Katrin Högbom.

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