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Omega 3 milk that tastes like ordinary milk

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A combined offer from Tetra Pak and DSM Nutritional Products means that European dairies can now easily add health-promoting Omega 3 fish oil extract to chilled milk for everyday consumption.

Together, Tetra Pak and DSM Nutritional Products are providing dairy customers with an easy solution for producing chilled milk with the added health benefits of Omega 3 fish oil.

Their offer consists of a special Omega 3 emulsion developed by DSM Nutritional Products, combined with Tetra Pak Arom Pak’s unique dosing technology, the FlexDos system.

The product is filled and packaged using chilled packaging systems from Tetra Pak. What these companies have together managed to achieve is unique in today’s food industry – namely, an Omega 3 enriched chilled milk that tastes exactly like ordinary fresh milk.

Modern dairies are keen to dose chilled milk with Omega 3 fish oil for a number of reasons. Research into Omega 3 has proven that it can stimulate the brain development, concentration and learning ability of children as well as promoting heart health in the general population.

As consumers’ awareness of these benefits becomes more widespread, the interest in Omega 3 enriched products is naturally increasing. By adding Omega 3 to chilled milk, dairies give consumers easy access to this health-promoting ingredient.

Without the fishy taste

Previous attempts to add Omega 3 to chilled milk have resulted in a fishy tasting product, due to oxidation of the oil. Now, with the dosing technology provided by Tetra Pak Arom Pak and the Omega 3 emulsion developed by DSM Nutritional Products, this is no longer a concern.

DSM’s emulsion is UHT treated for aseptic delivery and specially formulated for dairy applications. The emulsion is protected by an aseptic bag system, designed to work with the FlexDos dosing unit.

Since Omega 3 oil is so sensitive to light and oxygen, Tetra Pak chilled carton packages provide an excellent packaging solution for the product. A high performance barrier protects it from oxygen and the carton material naturally blocks out light.

Dairies can choose between three different packaging systems: a carton sleeve with a plastic top called Tetra Top; the gable top package Tetra Rex, and last but not least the cost effective package Tetra Brik.

Tried and tested

Dawn Omega Milk was launched in March 2004 by Ireland’s Kerry Group in a Tetra Rex 1000ml package with TwistCap. This was the first Omega 3 enriched fresh milk product in Europe and is already selling well in its market, Ireland.

Tasting just like regular milk, Dawn Omega Milk has given Irish consumers an easy and enjoyable way to include Omega 3 and vitamins in their daily diet without changing their consumption habits.

In 2004, it won the “Most Innovative Irish Product 2004” SIAL d’Or award in Dairy Products category, an award given to innovative products that have been a commercial success in their national markets.

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