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It’s hip to be square

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As chilled portion packages become increasingly common on retail dairy shelves around the world, Tetra Pak is developing new packaging options to help liquid dairy producers stand out from the crowd.

The latest of these is the Tetra Brik Square Mini: the first mini square-shaped packages of their kind in the market.

Available in 200 ml and 250 ml sizes, the new packages feature a distinctive cubic design that Tetra Pak believes will attract consumers and provide practical advantages over traditional gable top packages and plastic bottles and cups. It’s hip to be square.

The Tetra Brik Square Mini is said to be ideally suited for liquid dairy products.

While all liquid dairy product (LDP) producers will benefit from the Tetra Brik Square Mini’s novel shape and size, makers of children’s drinks especially will be interested in the carton’s fun look, child-friendly dimensions and more spill-proof design.

“The problem with plastic cup containers and even some rectangular portion packs is that children can accidentally spill or squeeze the liquid out of the top,” explains product manager Bo Pettersson, “whereas the Tetra Brik Square Mini is more difficult to spill or squeeze.”

Interest in the new package has been particularly strong in Asia among LDP producers seeking more convenient or attractive packaging.

Testing is already underway at Haruna Dairy in Japan, using the package for school milk and a new niche product called ‘beauty milk’ marketed to Japanese women.

“During this field test, Haruna and Tetra Pak have built up a good relationship as partners. This is the first installation in the world of a Tetra Pak C3/Flex machine producing Tetra Brik Square Mini packages. We are considering to developing new products for these new packages,” said the Haruna spokesperson.

Not only is the Tetra Brik Square Mini easy to sell, but it’s equally easy to produce.

The Tetra Pak C3/Flex, a state-of-the-art filling machine that lives up to its name, handles the production of these two portion packs as well as the Tetra Brik Square 1000 ml and 500 ml and Tetra Brik Base 1000 ml and 500 ml.

With the Tetra Pak C3/Flex, LDP producers can switch between different sizes with the same bottom format in as little as 15 minutes, which reduces the risk for producers, because they are not tied to just one package size.

“With the Tetra Pak C3/Flex, you can run, for example, the Tetra Brik Square Mini 200 ml in the morning and switch to 250 ml cartons in the afternoon. The XH (extended hygiene) option on the Tetra Pak C3/Flex platform offers extended purity, safety and prolonged shelf life,” explains Bo Pettersson.

“What liquid dairy producers need, now more than ever, is a highly cost-efficient packaging format that will help them compete for consumer attention,” says Pettersson, “And that’s exactly what the Tetra Brik Square Mini delivers.”

The new Tetra Brik Square Mini is part of the Tetra Brik Square family.

Other Tetra Brik package families are: Tetra Brik Base, Tetra Brik Mid, and Tetra Brik Slim offering chilled carton packages in volumes ranging from 200 ml to 1500 ml.

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