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Unique magnesium furnace rocks

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A UNIQUE specially designed furnace made by B&L Tetlow for the CSIRO features an oscillating mechanism which tilts the furnace through a total arc of 55 degrees.

The tilting mechanism incorporates powerful hydraulic rams enabling the furnace to be tilted 25 degrees backwards and 30 degrees forward.

The furnace is lined with grooved ceramic tiles carrying high quality heating elements. The furnace is rated at 60 kilowatts.

A liquid metal thermocouple monitors and controls the charge temperature via a digital PID controller, which switches non-mechanical solid state relays, while a second over temperature controller protects the furnace from excessive temperatures.

Liquid metal temperature is controlled to a maximum of 550°C while the furnace, although capable of 1000°C is held at a maximum of 800°C.

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