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Electric furnace sets new standards

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article image Roger Brockway with the new furnace.

A NEW high-tech electric furnace released by B&L Tetlow incorporates very accurate vertical uniform heat chambers with a variation of less than 5°C. The furnace sets a new standard in accuracy, according to Tetlow manager Roger Brockway.

Capable of providing continuous heat at 1200°C with intermittant heat at 1250°C, the new model has a working chamber 250mm x 200mm x 395mm deep.

The furnace features a vertical parallelogram door designed to keep the hot face of the door away from an operator and avoid blasts of excessive heat.

A self aligning door seal minimises heat losses and increases the uniformity of heat within the chamber.

The furnace is controlled via a DCV fired solid state relay that achieves a good and tight control.

The relay, in conjuction with a Shimaden FP21 digital controller, is capable of rapid multiple switching in order to prevent temperature over runs.

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