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Environmental testing services from Testsafe- Londonderry Branch

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Testsafe- Londonderry Branch  provides testing and assessment services for workplace safety. Testsafe- Londonderry Branch provides environmental testing services which include IP testing, impact testing, pressure testing, temperature and high humidity testing, flammability testing and motor efficiency testing.

Testsafe- Londonderry Branch provides fire and explosion testing, accident or incident investigations and research etc. Fire and explosions testing services from Testsafe- Londonderry Branch includes fire testing, fire fighter training, explosion testing, fire explosion facilities, safety research, safety and incident investigations.

Mechanical testing solution from Testsafe- Londonderry Branch includes conveyor belts, containers and packaging, electric cables, diesel engines, facilities hire, electric cables, fire extinguisher testing, fire testing, hazardous area equipment testing, hydrostatic testing, load testing, scaffolding, vehicle lifting devices, standards committees, safety and incident investigations, ladders, railings, fences and roof edge protection.

Testsafe- Londonderry Branch provides testing and assessment of personal protective equipment. Occupational protective helmets, respirators, gloves, safety eyewear and protective clothing are tested and assessed. Testing facilities include automatic filter test machine, large gas tight chamber, gas test rigs, penetration test machine, helmet shock absorption, simulated breathing machines and visor impact test rigs etc.

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