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Calibration services from Testsafe- Londonderry Branch

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Testsafe- Londonderry Branch  provides testing, research, certification and investigation facilities for improving the workplace safety level. Testsafe- Londonderry Branch offers wide range of testing services which includes calibration, fire and explosion, electrical, mechanical, wire ropes and personal protective equipment.

Testsafe- Londonderry Branch maintains in-house laboratory group for servicing for instruments and equipment. Testsafe- Londonderry Branch’s laboratory calibrates a diverse range of environment measuring and workplace equipment. Testsafe- Londonderry Branch’s calibration laboratory maintains and calibrates the equipment for WorkCover New South Wales, TestSafe’s laboratories and commercial customers. A wide range of calibration services includes pressure, gas analysers, air flow, torque wrench, non destructive rope testers and linear dimensions.

Testsafe- Londonderry Branch provides calibration service for pressure gauges ranging from 10 Pa to 40 M Pa, liquid manometers, pressure transducers including dynamic, static and associated equipment, electronic micro manometers. Air flow calibration services includes Vane anemometers with wide range of diameter, rota metres from 20 cubic centimetres to 100 L per minutes, gas and vane type flow metres and thermo-anemometers from 0.3 to 30 metres per second.

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