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Electronic Refrigerant Gauges to Measure, Analyse and Document from testo

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Testo specialise in digital gauges for refrigeration and temperature designed and priced to make analogue obsolete, the Testo digital refrigeration manifold range includes the testo 549, testo 550, testo 557 and testo 570 models. An optional Bluetooth capability will also allow users to connect to testo’s Refrigeration App, which is exclusively available to testo customers.( Not applicable to Testo 570)

Testo APP & Bluetooth Connectivity

The App integration via Bluetooth for testo 550 and testo 557 expands the user’s ability to work faster and more efficiently. The App enables the user to read measurement data directly on a smartphone or tablet, allowing them to finalise and send measurement reports directly from the site. The list of stored refrigerants can also be easily updated via the App.

testo’s digital manifolds make many of the typical refrigeration contracting tools obsolete. The user can also select the most important refrigerants for even faster access.

Better performance

Though analogue manifolds are still widely used in the refrigeration industry, digital manifolds are the future of refrigeration engineering. The new testo manifolds deliver enhanced performance with the pressure ranges of the 549, 550 and 557 variants increased to 60 bar; battery life extended to 250 hours; and choice of 60 common refrigerants stored in the instrument. The robust design features a new metal frame around the display.

One instrument to cover every job

testo’s digital refrigeration manifolds are designed to meet all the day-to-day challenges in refrigeration contracting, enabling the user to measure various operating parameters with a single instrument. The digital manifold helps the contractor get a comprehensive overview of the condition of a refrigeration system or heat pump in real time.

testo’s new digital manifolds combine the price advantage associated with analogue measurement with the undeniable precision of digital measurement.

testo 549: The best value manifold

Offering the best price-performance value among all the models, the testo 549 digital manifold precisely measures high side/ low side pressure and instantly displays the corresponding saturation/ evaporation temperatures for 60 refrigerants. Optional temperature probes enable automatic superheat and sub-cooling calculations to be displayed.

testo 550: Bluetooth capabilities and new Refrigeration App

Offering instant display of superheat and sub-cooling for up to 60 refrigerants, testo 550 also measures high side/ low side pressures and temperatures. The Bluetooth connection opens up new possibilities for efficient analysis and documentation.

testo 557: Precision measurement

Offering all the strong points of testo 550, the testo 557 digital manifold will feature a 4-way valve block for fast, safe and efficient work in commissioning, service and maintenance. A new highly precise external vacuum probe delivers even more reliable performance

Testo 570 for the professional

The testo 570 refrigerant gauges measure and analyse pressures, temperatures, vacuum or current whilst remaining easy to operate.

  • Simple design and function allows technicians to carry out time saving and more efficient measurements.
  • 40 refrigerants are stored in the instrument.
  • Due to the connection of two external probes, super heating and sub cooling can be calculated simultaneously.
  • Integrated memory allows easy documentation of measurements and data is stored for 72 hours.
  • Temperature compensated tightness testing
  • EasyKool Software
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