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THE test method ASTM D 1894, 2001 covers determination of the coefficient friction (COF) of plastic film and sheeting when sliding over itself or other substances under specified test conditions. The procedure permits the use of a stationary sled of specified weight with a moving plane, but it is also possible to use a moving sled with a stationary plane because both methods deliver the same coefficient of friction values for a given test specimen.

Zwick, represented in Australia by Testing and Production Engineers Pty Ltd , has developed testing systems which meet the requirements of both the ASTM and ISO standards, and the ProLine COF testing system is a perfect and affordable choice for such tests.

It utilises Zwick's latest high resolution digital technology and precision engineered tooling as well as testXpert II, the intelligent and reliable software configured especially for production control environments.

For the coefficient of friction test the sled is normally attached to the moving crosshead of the testing machine and pulled across the second surface of the specimen at a constant speed of 150 ± 30 mm/min (6 ± 1.2 in/min). The static force required to initiate the sliding action and the kinetic force to maintain motion are determined automatically by the testing software then combined with the sled weight and reported as static and kinetic coefficient of friction.

TestXpert II completely automates the testing process, from the safe control of the testing machine parameters and recognition of the sensors connected to the system, to ensuring that the test results are of the highest possible accuracy and integrity.

Customers also benefit from the network enabled technology which allows bi-directional communications to an organisation's IT infrastructure helping to improve testing efficiency whilst saving time and reducing the overall cost of testing.

Zwick is one of the internationally leading suppliers in the field of materials testing. With precise, innovative, and reliable testing machines and with intelligent software, the company delivers tailor-made solutions for nearly every testing application in modern mechanical materials testing.

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