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A big hit for testing plastics

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article image New pendulum impact tester from Zwick Roell in aesthetic design

Zwick, represented in Australia by Testing and Production Engineers , has introduced its new universal HIT5.5P pendulum impact tester for Charpy, Izod, tensile impact and Dynstat tests on plastics.

Mr. Helmut Fahrenholz, industry manager for plastics, explained that this machine allows him to reach out to those customers who currently test to ASTM Standards. Its main advantage is the high manufacturing quality and the innovative design, ensuring what he describes as the highest level of integrity and traceability of results ever seen in such instruments.

Within ASTM, notched test-pieces resulting in low impact energies are very common. This enables testing of the majority of thermosetting and thermoplastic materials within the instruments energy range of 5.5 Joule (4 ft-lbs).

ASTM recommends the use of the lightest standard pendulum should be chosen, and this means the test instrument can be quite small compared to ISO, where the heaviest standard pendulum should be chosen to minimise the speed of impact.

Building on more than 50 years of experience in producing impact testing machines, Zwick's new HIT5.5P conforms to and even exceeds many requirements of International Standards.

The major weakness of small pendulum hammers on the market today is the inability to concentrate all of the force at the point of impact due to the weight of the pendulum arm. Compound-type pendulums also lack stiffness in the perpendicular direction.

Zwick has pioneered the world's first low vibration pendulum using carbon double-suspension rods for the HIT5.5P.

In order to meet the requirements of the ASTM and ISO standards, it is often necessary to change pendulum hammers. Zwick has made the operation of the impact testing much easier by reducing the time and effort required to change hammers. This can be done without tools or screws.

To reduce the likelihood of errors when changing pendulums, the HIT5.5P has an integrated pendulum recognition system (PRS).

This guarantees that no two pendulum sizes or tests will ever be confused with one another. It also guarantees the traceability, reliability, and correct documentation of the test results whenever different pendulums are used.

In summary, the HIT5.5P is an affordable - yet highly accurate and adaptable impact tester. It has many unique and innovative design features which will greatly benefit users both in research and development as well as in production control environments.

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