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Testing and tagging of machinery in production environments

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Leading supplier of a comprehensive range of testing, inspection and measurement systems, Testequip explains the importance of skilled staff, safety and the need for testing machinery in any production environment.

Any industry where production takes place on a large scale requires skilled staff. Companies invest a lot of effort, time and money in recruiting and training the right kind of employees. Since these people will be working quite closely with machines throughout the day, safety is an important part of the operations with the company having to ensure there are no mishaps in the production environment.

The focus on testing and tagging has increased in industrial environments with many Australian firms certified to carry out testing at a reasonable cost. The testing process is conducted efficiently without hindering production. Though there is no fixed legal time period for the frequency of these tests, it will depend on the machine’s quantum of use with some machines requiring monthly testing while others will only need to be tested once a year.

These tests will be carried out using different kinds of testing equipment based on specific test requirements. Most tests are conducted using standard testing equipment. However, it is important for the manufacturer to be aware of the tests being carried out as well as the results that are documented after each test.

Test tags given by the testing company are very useful and may vary from simple tags with the ‘tested OK’ symbol while others may have detailed information about the limitations of voltage or heat the machine should be exposed to in the production environment.

The technician using the testing instruments should be a qualified electrician working with a licensed firm.

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