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Testequip announce the release of the Paintscope new coating thickness gauge

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PaintScope, available from Testequip , is based upon the well-established principle of capacitive measurements that allows to determine the thickness of dielectric coatings applied to various composite substrates. It measures coating thickness on almost all kinds of substrates on condition that the substrate is an electrical conductor.   

The battery operated system comprises a measuring unit and a sensor head connected by a cable. An interface provides a full graphic display and a memory to store up to 8,000 values. The measuring range of the PaintScope is 0 – 2,000 µm (0 – 78 mils) with a resolution of ± 1 µm (± 0.04 mils). The measured values can be stored instantaneously.
During the lifetime of the battery (20 hours and 10 hours with lightning, respectively) the accuracy of the instrument is better than ± 10 µm or ± 1 % of the measurement.

Fields of application:

 PaintScope is the only instrument that measures paint on composite using the non-destructive method, and therefore it is an expedient supplement to the range of ERICHSEN products for coating thickness measurement.  

The PaintScope is particularly useful for those industries where the weight of the coating is very important (aircraft industries, automotive industries, sports articles etc.). Generally, the paints and lacquers for this application are very sophisticated and expensive, and a layer of 10 µm applied or not applied on an aeroplane can be crucial.   

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