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Testequip Expands into Solobox Xenon Test Chambers

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Testequip  has partnered with Co.Fo.Me.Gra Srl from Italy to expand into Solobox xenon test chambers, a range of test and measurement products.

Co.Fo.Me.Gra has developed six xenon test chambers that closely simulate the full spectrum of the sun as well as temperature and moisture in the form of rain, dew and humidity.

Filtered xenon lamps are used in various applications such as paints, coatings, textiles, plastics, automotive, packaging, inks, roofing, pharmaceuticals and chemical industries.

Testequip’s partnership with Co.Fo.Me.Gra is an integral part of offering a total solution to testing laboratories in Australia and New Zealand.  

The Solobox xenon test chambers complement their extensive range of salt spray, humidity and climate control chambers.

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