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PID instrument for TVOC measurement

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article image Large, bright display of TVOCs.

MORE than 200 compounds are ionised by GrayWolf PID sensors, with a choice of ppb range or ppm range sensors. Tap on the compounds list, and common IAQ sources, as well as typical industrial sources for that compound, are listed.

Correction/response factors are also available for most, and specific compounds may be displayed and recorded when the end-user is able to independently identify an isolated VOC source.

Harnessing the power of mobile computers, GrayWolf's new DirectSense TVOC monitor, available from TestEquip , provides a large, bright display of TVOCs, along with temperature, %RH and up to three specific gases, from a choice of ozone, ammonia, ethylene oxide, hydrogen sulfide, hydrogen cyanide, nitrogen dioxide, chlorine, hydrogen chloride, sulphur dioxide, nitric oxide, or other electrochemical sensors.

Productivity tools include:

* Descriptive data file naming format (automatically creates subfolders).

* Voice, text, drawing notes.

* Optional flash camera for photos attached to data files.

* On-board application tips, government and industry related documents.

* WolfSense Advanced Reporting for simplified, detailed report generation.

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