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New Dissolver 492 laboratory high-speed stirrers available from Testequip

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article image Dissolver 492 II laboratory high-speed stirrer

Testequip  now have Dissolver 492 I and Dissolver 492 II laboratory high speed stirrers available, new from ERICHSEN.

If liquids have to be mixed evenly or solids have to be distributed in liquids evenly, a manual mixing method does not achieve satisfactory results. In this situation, machine assistance is indispensable.

ERICHSEN now provide two new high quality dissolvers with silent drive systems and continuous variable speeds. The Dissolver 492 I has a continuously adjustable speed of up to 10,000 min-1 and has been developed for container sizes from 0.25 to 2 litres, while the Dissolver 492 II has a continuously adjustable speed of up to 9,000 min-1 and is designed for container sizes of 0.5 to 8 litres.

Even if the viscosity of the media changes during the stirring, the high-tech PID-electronics in these high speed stirrers ensure a constant speed and an integrated timer (adjustable from 1 - 100 minutes), while the countdown and automatic stop functions ensure the best possible repeatability.

Both models of the Dissolver 492 laboratory high speed stirrer use quick-release devices, weight compensation for easily moving of the stirrer, as well as various safety devices (two automatic switches) in order to be as safe, easy and comfortable in use.

Various optional accessories for the Dissolver 492 laboratory high speed stirrers include:

  • various stirring / dispersing discs
  • stainless steel containers
  • special equipment for specific requirements, such as vacuum apparatus.
Dissolver 492 laboratory high speed stirrers are ideal for use in the following applications:
  • mixing of desired shades of finished colours
  • creating the grist in the paint and colour theme
  • preparation of recipes in research and development in many areas of cosmetic and medical technology.

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