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Lab-friendly hardness tester

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article image The FM 700 hardness tester.

LAB-friendly functions have been overlooked by hardness tester manufacturers for many years. Future-Tech, represented by TestEquip , has taken the ideas from metallurgists and scientists and incorporated them into the new FM series testers.

The FM-700e and FM 700 hardness testers perform Vickers (HV), Knoop (HK), Brinell (HB) and Fracture Toughness (Kc) measurements quickly and easily with the one touch selection touchpad.

This same touchpad also incorporates the LCD display which gives instantaneous results, start and stop functions, and conversion to other scales.

The new turret design allows up to four objective lenses offering microscopic viewing and image capture through an ancillary digital camera. Magnifications available are: 1000X/400X/200X and 50X using the 15X eyepiece.

An automatic turret provides quick and correct sequence without human intervention. To further enhance the testing experience Future-Tech has incorporated add-ons such as automatic reading system; automatic X-Y stage movement; and a combination of both.

The Fracture Toughness (Kc) feature allows users to evaluate the quality of new material as well as analysing broken or worn materials.

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