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article image DS-IAQW indoor air quality meter.

GRAYWOLF Sensing Solutions of Connecticut, represented in Australia by Testequip , has introduced an enhanced monitoring kit for measuring key indoor air quality (IAQ) parameters.

Bluetooth wireless communicates information from probe to Windows Mobile Pocket PC or to Windows Notebook computers, eliminating the need for cables.

The DirectSense-IAQW measures carbon dioxide for determining the amount of dilution air supplied to each space. Carbon monoxide, temperature and relative humidity are also measured.

An optional photo ionisation sensor measures volatile organic compounds (VOCs) down to the low ppb range. Fifteen specific toxic gases including ozone, ammonia and hydrogen sulphide are also available utilising electrochemical sensor technology.

The probes have a range of up to 30 feet (9 metres) from the mobile PC. Probes may be positioned out in the occupied zone, and the mobile computer may be hidden or locked up while it collects trend data over hours, days or weeks; eliminating the limitations of being tethered by a cable.

The hassle of cramming cables into the carrying case is done away with, and there is no more cutting or breaking cables or connectors.

Once data and field notes have been collected on the mobile PC, GrayWolf software allows for detailed reporting on walk-through surveys and on trend log sessions; including text, graphs, tabular data, photos and attached digital notes.

Optional, added GrayWolf software builds IAQ report templates for simplified day-in-day-out report generation.

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