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Dissolver 492 Series High Speed Stirrers from Testequip for Quality Management

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Testequip  supplies a range of laboratory high speed stirrers from Erichsen designed as part of their testing equipment for quality management processes.  

The Dissolver 492 series is a line of precisely controlled laboratory high speed stirrers suitable for producing colloidal suspensions with very fine solid particles integrated by high speed into fluid.  

The high speed stirrers are also used for mixing and dispersing mill feed material within common paint/lacquer matters.    

Dissolver 492 series high speed stirrers are equipped with a low-noise drive system featuring continuous adjustable speed.  

The high-tech PID electronics ensure a continuously constant speed, even when the viscosity changes during the stirring process.  

The stand including the column is made of stainless steel. The bottom end of the stand is attached to a quick fixing device and equipped with a safety switch that interrupts the power supply to the motor as soon as the fixing pressure to the stirring vessel is no longer sufficient.  

An additional safety switch is located on the side of the stand’s column and interrupts the power supply when the motor/stirring unit is lifted up higher than the top position of the active stirring height range.  

Both models in the Dissolver 492 series are equipped with an integrated timer, adjustable from 1 up to 100 minutes with countdown and automatic stop.  

Dissolver 492 series high speed stirrers also feature:

  • Digital display to show speed and time
  • Two interchangeable types of dispersing discs type supplied with the unit
  • Designed for vessel volume ranges of approximately 0.25L up to 2L
  • Accessories such as mixing and dispersing discs made of stainless steel with different diameter sizes
  • Single and double milling discs made of polypropylene for using with grinding media
  • Stainless steel dispersing vessels with different volumes and jacketed vessels with cooling ability
  • Three-blade stirrer made of stainless steel for Dissolver 492 II model
  • Grinding heads or vacuum systems for various volumes are available on request

Dissolver 492 series laboratory high speed stirrers come with a stand, quick fixing device and two dispersing discs.

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