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Bareiss Abrasion Tester available from Testequip

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Testequip  have introduced the Abrasion Tester from Bareiss. When testing tyres, shoe soles, drive belts, conveyor belts and more, numerous parts from elastomers are subjected to abrasion, which is the reason for the lifetime and safety of such products.

The essential task for the manufacturer is the optimisation of the mixture of the material. The abrasion tester allows the determination of the abrasion of a certain material.

The abrasion tester consists of a basic frame, a specimen holder and an abrasion drum with electromotive control. The rotation speed is automatically adjusted to the contact pressure weight. An abrasion sheet, which is fixed on the abrasion drum, is used for the abrasion.

The specimen is moved over a rotating abrasion sheet at a given distance, a constant pressure and a constant speed. The abrasion is calculated as a loss of volume of the circular specimen.

The tests can be made with a fixed or with a rotating specimen. For soft specimens, users can select the half distance. The contact pressure force can be adjusted in steps from 2.5 up to 10 Newton; further loading levels up to 20 Newton are possible, if needed.

The drive is switched on and off by a pressure of a key. The thermo switch protects from overloading. As soon as the protection hood is lifted and at the end of the abrasion distance, the drive is stopped automatically and the specimen holder is lifted from the drum.

The Bareiss abrasion tester is working according to the standards WIN 53516 and ISO 4649.

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