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Seaward PATGuard software range available from Test and Tag Supplies

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Test and Tag Supplies, providers of appliance testing specialist equipment has launched a new range of Seaward portable appliance testing software.

PATGuard range, formerly consisting of two versions - PATGuard Plus and PATGuard Lite now consists of an entire suite of software solutions.

Seaward PATGuard Elite - the comprehensive solution:

PATGuard Elite replaces PATGuard Plus as the top-of-the-range recording software solution. Elite now integrates E-scheduler software as a standard component.

This feature delivers event based email notification - enabling users to configure automatic email dispatch when trigger conditions are met. Example, users may choose for emails be automatically sent to their clients, 3 weeks before the appliances in that location are due for testing.

Extensive criteria based reporting facilities, download of test results and uploading of assets and a report designer are just a few of the highly advanced features of this new software release.

Seaward PATGuard Pro:

PATGuard Pro - another new addition to the range, offers many of the advanced features of PATGuard Elite, but without E-scheduler or asset upload components.

Automatic asset relocation, full test histories and reporting facilities make PATGuard Pro the ideal value solution for in-house testing and full asset record keeping.

Broader recording software solutions:

PATGuard Lite offers simple data retrieval from the Seaward range of appliance tester including the PT300 and remains relatively unchanged from previous releases.

PATGuard Work About and PATGuard Time Manager complete the PATGuard suite offering PDA data collection and download, and Time Manager delivering time and productivity analysis.

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