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Kyoritsu 4120A loop impedance meter available from Test and Tag Supplies

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Test and Tag Supplies  has recently added the Kyoritsu 4120A loop impedance meter to its product range.

This test instrument is capable of measuring fault loop impedance within the wiring circuit directly at the power outlet.  

One of the many features of this model is a new D-Lok circuit that permits loop impedance testing without tripping the RCDS installed in the circuit being loop tested. 

This means there is no need to by-pass most RCD’s at distribution boards, when conducting Loop or PSC tests. The 4120A also allows direct reading of the PSC (prospective short circuit current).  

This Loop impedance meter offers high accuracy and reliability, 3 LEDS for checking correct wiring status, safe voltage measurement function, and large custom digital display read out. 

The Kyoritsu 4120A loop impedance meter is able to measure low loop resistance to a resolution of 0.01ohms. It has automatic lock-out if test resister overheats.

The Kyoritsu 4120A loop impedance meter also has a visual indication of reversed phase and neutral wiring t socket. It is designed to IP54 rating and complies with IEC61557.  

Loop impedance measurement is important in preventing accidents caused by the earth leakage breaker and other protection devices to becoming inoperative.

This occurs when the earth circuit is overloaded or shorted and sufficient current doesn't flow into the circuit where the loop impedance is too high.

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