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Isolation transformer for RCD testing

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TEST and Tag Supplies QLD has released a new isolation transformer designed specifically for portable RCD testing.

While testing fixed RCDs with an RCD tester is relatively straightforward, testing portable RCDs without the use of an isolation transformer can be problematic.

When testing a portable RCD without the use of an isolation transformer, it is likely that rather than tripping the portable RCD during the test, the RCD tester will trip the building's fixed RCD in error.

Not only will this void the test, but it will also cut off the power supply to the room, or even the entire building. This can be not just frustrating for colleagues or clients, but also costly and even dangerous.

Isolation transformers isolate the portable RCD being tested from the mains/power supply, eliminating any test current from travelling any further than the isolation transformer.

The new Isolation Transformers are lighter and have improved output accuracy under low loads.

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