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‘Insulation Cloak’ for portable appliance testers

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article image Test and Tag’s ‘Insulation Cloak’.

TEST and Tag Supplies Queensland has released a new range of stainless steel mesh cloaks for use with portable appliance testers.

The 'Insulation Cloak' assists the measurement of current leakage and insulation resistance on double insulated appliances.

Constructed of stainless steel, the Test and Tag Supplies mesh cloaks contain over 20,000 welded stainless steel rings, woven into a blanket format that provide an effective conductive surround for measuring current leakage and resistance from portable appliances.

"The Insulation Cloak helps provide a fast, efficient solution for carrying out double insulated current leakage and insulation resistance tests - a valuable accessory for any Portable Appliance Tester," said Sales and Marketing Manager, Test and Tag Supplies QLD, James Anderson.

“Test and Tag Supplies sourced components of the cloak with the Trio SafeTCheck Pro Portable Appliance Tester in mind.

"The Trio SafeTCheck Pro is a unique portable appliance tester. Its currently the only portable appliance tester on the Australian market that electronically ensures the user has attached the tester earth lead to the housing of the double insulated appliance - before testing that appliance. The cloak provides a fast and efficient method of completing such tests."

The Test and Tag Supplies Insulation Cloak is the latest addition to Test and Tag Supplies’ expanding product offering, complementing their existing range of portable appliance testers, test tag labels, PAT software and asset inventory.

Test and Tag Supplies Insulation Cloak is available in two sizes with custom sizes available to order:

* 350mm x 600mm (standard size)

* 350mm x 900mm (large size).

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