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Maintaining mining machinery - High performance mining trucks

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Bringing billions of dollars to the economy and providing employment to over 750,000 Australians, the enormity of the mining sector in Australia can never be underestimated. But the task of keeping these colossal sites operational is no easy exercise.

The responsibility of site maintenance at one of Australia’s busiest, Central Queensland coal mines falls to Garwoods Civil & Maintenance, who have a fleet of 13 Terex TA400 articulated trucks as well as 45 staff on site.

“We’ve had the TA400 articulated trucks for over two years now, and we use them for everything - carting rock, coal, material rejects, mud,” explained John Ashton from Garwoods. 

“We have the only earthmovers on site, so we look after all of the haulage as well as the maintenance and grading of the roads.”

With a power range that is designed for the purpose and  brakes constructed to handle the heavy, often shifting payload, the TA400 allows operators to comfortably move material non-stop, in spite of the conditions are encountered on the mine site.

But it seems the biggest success of the TA400 for Garwoods is the tailgate seal.

“We move a lot of sludge. Because it is an open cut mine, when it rains, the water accumulates and the big sumps fill with silt... which we cart out,” Ashton explains.

“We only ever use a Terex truck on mud because the tailgate seal is so good. We have four Terex TA400 trucks that run mud all the time and they hardly spill a drop.

“Our acquisition of the TA400 trucks has been a great decision for our business. The vehicles have all the facilities needed for the task and have proven their long-term reliability in one of the most demanding work sites imaginable,” he said.


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