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Vermin control services from Termicam

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Termicam  is specialised in infrared technology (Thermal imaging) as well as risk management with the help of highest quality pest detecting tools. Services by Termicam ensure customer’s houses are free from termite and pest using various effective and advanced tools. Termicam’s new technology is also rapidly replacing traditional methods of termite detection.

The vision statement of Termicam is to be the principle leader in terms of supply of thermographic imaging. Termicam offers peace of mind to customers through ensuring that their home as well as investments would always remain on a solid foundation, termite and pest free.

Termicam aims to cater to the pest industry throughout the world by an effective franchise network. The strategies of Termicam comprise of ensuring that the culture is powered by innovation of all new products and services that are investigated. Termicam also provides training to the pest industry in thermal imaging and continues to seek professional pest managers to become franchise members.

Termicam is an Australian company, based in Melbourne. The firm has developed various new technologies in detecting termites in houses and buildings. These technologies are state of the art thermal imaging, which offers a fast, non-destructive and environmentally friendly method of successfully locating termite infestations in houses.

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