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Professional pest control system from Termicam

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Termicam  offers professional pest control service, using highly advanced termite detection tools, and satisfies customers by ensuring their property is pest free. Termicam uses Thermal imaging, an effective non-destructive and eco-friendly technology in locating termite infestations in customer’s houses.

Termicam has grouped termites into three categories as per the moisture content in the environment such as subterranean termites, drywood termites and dampwood termites. The species of significances consists of Coptotermes are dominant, Nasutitermes, Mastotermes - giant termites and Schedorhinotermes.

The subterranean termites mentioned by Termicam lives in ground as well as carry moisture from the ground to their nest. The damp wood termites require damp condition. As with the dry wood termites are found mainly in tropic and require moisture in the timber.

Termicam also states that termites eat almost all kinds of item that contains cellulose. They are very destructive on materials such as plasters, concrete, lead, paper and so on. Termicam used to tap wooden structures with a handle of a screwdriver and pull walls apart as a traditional method in terms of detecting termites. Termicam also won the prestigious Australian housing Industry Association Jim Sweeny Innovations Award in the year 2001.

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