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Safety earthing systems from Tercel Lightning Protection

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Tercel Lightning Protection  offers safety earthing system that is very important in coordinating lightning and surge protection system. The earthing system is vital, and it is responsible for safely dissipating the lightning currents to ground.

The earthing system from Tercel Lightning Protection functions as fundamental role in the efficient operation of surge protection devices. The lightning protection earthing systems from Tercel Lightning Protection uses a wide range of materials in numerous configurations to achieve a maximum resistance level of 10 ohms or less as recommended by AS1768.

Tercel Lightning Protection experts can conduct soil resistivity measurements for designing new systems and design earthing systems for any application, including equipotential bonding. They can also advise on the quality type of materials to use in the existing conditions. Tercel Lightning Protection can supply all the materials needed for installation, checks the condition of existing earthing systems and also test for continuity across individual earthing systems.

Major earthing systems designed, installed and tested by Tercel Lightning Protection include ADI Victoria, where static, lightning and power earthing systems for over twenty buildings manufacturing and storing explosives and munitions.

Tercel Lightning Protection experts also have experience and equipment to conduct investigations, check existing conditions and measure charge buildups. These experts design a static earthing system for any application that complies with AS1020-1995. Tercel Lightning Protection is a distributor for the Meech Australia and Newson Gale Centralex range of static control and earthing equipment.

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