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Tubular heat exchange pasteuriser

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article image Dimpleflo tubular heat exchanger.

TERALBA Industries has expanded its range of pasteurisers based on its “Dimpleflo” tubular heat exchangers, to accommodate smaller batches of product and lower flow rates.

The Dimpleflo pasteuriser is typically a heat exchanger with three stage called “regeneration”, “heat”, and “cool”.

Product, which can include juice, wine, syrup, toffee, yoghurt, eggs, is taken from cold storage at 4°C or ambient through regeneration to around 60°C - 65°C, being heated by 75°C - 80°C hot product returning from the heat section.

The product at 60°C passes from regeneration to the heat section to be heated by steam or hot water to around 75°C - 80°C. This hot product is then cooled on the secondary side through regeneration by the incoming cold product, to which the heat is transferred.

Product is then cooled to a nominated packaging or storage temperature in the final cool section using chilled water or glycol.

Teralba can design and manufacture a multi-stage Dimpleflo tubular heat exchanger for integration into an existing-pasteurising system or to replace a plate heat exchanger which may foul with viscous or slurried products.

Alternatively, Teralba supplies complete packaged pasteurisers including controls, pumps and valves.

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