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DIMPLEFLO Multitube Heat Exchangers, designed and manufactured in Australia by Teralba Industries , have been upgraded to substantially increase design pressures.

Most models of Dimpleflo Multitube Heat Exchangers, produced on the shell and tube principle, now have a design pressure of 15 Bar or 212 psi.

Dimpleflo Heat Exchangers are highly efficient and incorporate unique Dimpled tube to provide a highly turbulent product flow path.

Applications for high pressure Dimpleflo Multitube heat exchangers include:

* Heating CIP (Cleaning in Place) solutions with line pressure steam

* Chilling products with directly expanded or flooded refrigerants

* Production of high temperature water and sanitising fluids.

Built in accordance with Australian Standard AS1210 pressure code, Dimpleflo heat exchangers can be certified to international standards such as ASME.

Units can be constructed from a wide range of stainless steels, duplex alloys and titanium.

Available on short lead times, Dimpleflo heat exchangers are used in the food, chemical, beverage, pharmaceutical, dairy and paper industries throughout Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia.

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