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Vacuum cleaners from Tensens Cleaning Supplies

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Tensens Cleaning Supplies  distributes quality Asbestos vacuum cleaners that meet Australian standards. These vacuum cleaners are fitted with a high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter. Asbestos vacuum cleaners follow Australian Standard 3544-1988 industrial vacuum cleaners for all particulates hazardous to health.

A domestic vacuum cleaner is not suitable for use with asbestos. Tensens Cleaning Supplies also provides shadow vacuuming; these are either directly attached to a tool or hand-held by a second worker. Tensens Cleaning Supplies offers HDS2000 hospital and asbestos vacuum.

At Tensens Cleaning Supplies customers can also find recently approved for asbestos usage vacuum cleaners. These vacuum cleaners feature with a minimum sound level as it meets maximum suction performance. A Nilfisk GD 2000-series vacuum cleaner from Tensens Cleaning Supplies is a high performance professional vacuum cleaner.

Tensens Cleaning Supplies provides a wide range of filtration options including HEPA 13 filters. Nilfisk GD 2000 is ideal for daytime cleaning in noise sensitive areas like library, hospital, hotel and office. The vacuum motor is easily replaced as it sits in a plastic cartridge.

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