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The eco-friendly T8 Replacement LED Tubes

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Eco-friendly LED Tubes from Tenrod Australia offer high efficiency power saving, lead-free and most important of all mercury free lighting. Instead of glass which is easily broken releasing its mercury laden toxic contents, Tenrod’s LED Tubes use LEDs for solid-state lighting encased in a highly durable polycarbonate and aluminium casing.

At half the nominal power of fluorescent lamps and with the absence of troublesome starters, Tenrod’s LED Tubes easily justifies its replacement with energy costs savings with a much longer life of 50,000 hours.

Tenrod’s T8 replacement LED Tubes comes in four white colours – Warm, Cool, Full Spectrum and Daylight Whites to suit all purposes. They are all C-Tick approved for Australia and New Zealand.

Installation or replacement of the fluorescent tube is simple:

  1. Remove the starter (and electronic ballast if fitted with one).
  2. Install the LED Tube in its place and switch it on. (Iron core ballast can optionally be left connected).

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