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Tenrod ’s video LED Screens can be installed in large and smallsizes. They are configured from a set of LED arrays in metal cabinets stacked and joined to suit your intended site. Curved displays can enable larger display areas to be put into corners orrecessed spaces. Circular screens throw messages and images 'allround' and continuously.

They can be mounted on to pylons and act as electronic pylonsigns instantly changeable with graphics and video capabilities. They also can be mounted on to building walls as electronic billboards. They can be used in beer gardens or sport bars for sports and video broadcasts. LED Curtains versions can also be used behind windows as window displays or on stages as visual effects backdrops.

Tenrod LED Screens are easy to operate; very easy to load yourown contents and change the display instantly and as frequently asyou require. It is their ability to deliver your latest contents and up-to-date information which is the key to effective outcomes.

You can incorporate visual effects to make your promotions moreeffective to the passing audience for an increase in patronage.Tenrod also supplies colour lighting for venues in the form of LED Strip Lighting which can be installed as cove lighting or bar orkickboard lighting with automatic colour controls.

Creative lighting enhances the mood and atmosphere of yourdining and gaming rooms. Maintenance and operating costs are very low and ease of installation and operations is the key to asuccessful acquisition. LED Lighting is very efficient in power consumption and has a long operating life expectancy (up to 50,000 hours). RGB versions can emit light in many colours and with automatic LED Controller, the colour changing effect can be set and changed at will with a wireless keypad.

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