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TRICON PCBs available from Tenrod

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High power LEDs generate considerable heat during emission and will therefore require effective heat dissipation to avoid overheating their die junctions, damaging them permanently. Besides catastrophic damages, the heat also reduces their performance and shortens their life cycles significantly. 

TRICON is an aluminium substrate with a natural black finishing oxide layer over its aluminium surface. This black layer provides good electrical insulation for the electrical circuit tracks and pads printed and fired over it. 

This construction facilitates good electrical isolation of tracks to the substrate. TRICON is more reliable in its track adhesion-to-substrate as opposed to conventional overlaid copper tracks on bare aluminium plates or other metal core laminates. 

The black oxide also radiates more heat away from the LED assembly. The heat dissipation is far more effective over other conventional substrates, as well as overcoming the track adhesion and isolation related issues. This efficiency helps keep the design layout much more compact. 

* Automotive lighting 
* High power LED
* Architectural lighting
* LCD backlight unit
* Illumination circuit
* Signals and others 

TRICON PCBs are made to your design and layout. 

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