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Short-vibration feedback device

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article image Uses its magnetic circuitry to drive an oscillator supported by a spring.

ALPS, represented in Australia by Tenrod Australia , has released the Force Reactor AF short-vibration feedback device, capable of generating various short vibrations through an electromagnetic drive system.

Many electronic components such as mobile phones and car navigation systems have an increasing number of touch panels, input sensor devices and other equipment that are operated by the touch of a finger. These kinds of devices require visual confirmation of input. Demand is rising for vibration, clicking and other sensory functions at the fingertips to indicate to users that their input has been properly accomplished.

ALPS has developed a vibration device that uses its magnetic circuitry to drive an oscillator supported by a spring. By using magnetism and spring tension for vibration control, balance is created and short vibration is accomplished.

Vibration strengths of 0.8G and 1.9G are available, allowing selection based on the desired size and vibration power of each component.

ALPS developed this product as one in its group of machine-to-machine interface concept products, which are designed to link devices at an advanced level of integration. Results of user actions are relayed back as tactile sensations (force feedback) and users are provided with certain status of their input. In car navigation systems, being able to carry out input without sight improves safety during driving.

Principal applications of the series are feedback for touch panels and electrostatic input sensors used in mobile phones, mobile information devices, mobile audio as well as car navigation systems and other devices.

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