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SPVR Series thin lever-type detector switch

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article image The tiny Alps SPVR Series thin lever-type detector switch.

TENROD Australia has introduced ALPS’ newly developed smaller, thinner detector switch for use in digital cameras and other small digital devices.

The Alps SPVR Series thin lever-type detector switch was developed by the application of a long-stroke and a two-sided sliding-contact point structure for high-contact reliability.

There is a prevalence of increasingly smaller, thinner digital cameras, digital video cameras and other such digital devices, with features of a progressively multi- and high-functional nature.

Within this environment, Alps is pursuing the development of products that users will find easier to use.

Sliding a digital camera cover open and engaging a power switch exemplify such an operation. In order to activate a mechanism and allow for coordinated operation of the device itself, motion detection of the mechanism becomes necessary. Alps' small detector switches are the ideal choice for such an application.

The SPVR Series is a detector switch that makes detection from both a horizontal and vertical direction possible.

Tailored for loading into small, thin digital devices, a smaller, thinner 3.6mm x 4.2mm x 1.2mm-size structure has been developed.

Within this small frame, the detection function controlled by the stroke, from its resting point through a full push, secures 2.18mm (on-stroke 1.75mm).

Through a tiny clip-type, two-sided, sliding-contact point structure, the SPVR Series has excellent contact reliability, which can withstand vibration and impact and is resistant to the penetration of dust and particles.

The principal applications of this detector switch are for digital cameras, digital video cameras, portable audio players and mechanism detection of various small electronic devices, as well as detection of the opening and closing of a digital camera, mobile information terminal, notebook computer and other such device covers.

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