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New Hot White SpiceLED from Tenrod Australia

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Tenrod Australia  is introducing Dominant’s new highly reliable and impressive white SpiceLED part, the SSW-HLG. This device provides a typical luminous intensity of 500 mcd at an operating current of 20mA withstanding high operating temperatures of up to 110°C.

This miniature LED uses an industrial standard 0603 (S-Spice) package outline but with a package height of only 0.6mm. Its small, efficient and highly reliable design has a superb wide viewing angle of 160° with enhanced thermal dissipation capability via its copper base. The LEDs offer an excellent lifetime up to 20k hours due to its enhanced resin mixture for encapsulation and low thermal resistance of the housing.

SpiceLEDs do not only spice up the lighting solutions for automotive interior lighting but also the key-pad illumination of PDAs, compact back-lighting applications, consumer appliances, office equipment, audio and video equipment where less space is a premium requirement.

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