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Tenrod Australia supply an extensive range of LED lighting options including all weather, flexible strip lighting and unsealed LED strips, available in all sorts of eye catching colours to bring your space to light or highlight specific areas.

Durable, fully sealed flexible strip LED lighting is ideal for marking walkways and contours or as event lighting
  • Completely waterproof, resilient design with harder sealing
  • Bright lighting at 60 LEDs/m
  • Select from white, warm white or RGB colours
All weather IP67 LED tube lighting
  • Waterproof tubing provides better protection for LEDs
  • Connect up to 10m and choose from a large variety of RGB colours
  • 120º viewing angle 
CHASERLEDS coloured flexible strip lighting comes with chasing effect
  • Choose from a multitude of colours and chasing effects
  • Program controller available if required
  • Protected with tubing to guard LEDs from water and dust
  • Easy to install, flexible construction
Unsealed 8mm flexible strips for under cabinet lighting
  • Ideal for effective concealed lighting in kick boards or under cabinets
  • Simple installation with self adhesive tape
  • Available in up to 5m length runs
  • RGB SMD High brightness LEDs
LED lighting control accessories
  • 8-Key 3-Channel Controller for RGB LED Flex Strip can control static, discrete, gradual, rapid, strobe-flash, cross-fade and fade in or out light changes
  • RF Remote Control 1-Channel Dimmer is a convenient wireless option for switching and controlling lights
  • ChaserLEDs Lights Controller includes an RF remote control keypad and LCD display to show selection, it is pre-programmed with 83 options and connects up to 510 lights or approximately 80m lengths
  • Amplifier – 3 Channel for RGB Lighting increases your system's capacity, each channel has a maximum load current of 6A and a rated load current of 4A per channel
Tenrod's range of LED lighting and accessories are all easily configured to meet your specific requirements and can be simply mounted in ceiling coves or under surfaces or furniture using the strong self-adhesive mounting tapes.
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