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Dominant Semiconductors, which is represented in Australia by Tenrod, now provides a total solution for the production of RFID tags. 

Domi HF smart labels, incorporating the Philips ICODE SL2 ICS20 chip with 1Kbit R/W EEPROM offer opportunities in a wide variety of applications.

Of the 13.65MHz waveband, Domi HF smart labels is fully compliant with the ISO Standard. Domi HF smart labels has a 10 year data retention capacity, anti-collision, accurate data capture, and high security features.

Material options include copper or aluminium antenna on PET (polyethylene Therephtalate) substrate. Available in sizes 2” (50.80mm) square and 54mm x 85.6mm

Good for applications such as:

Asset tracking: high value assets, artworks, rare works

Supply chain, logistics and inventory management

Track and trace: Food, pharmaceuticals, documents and books, apparels

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