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article image Designed for 120° viewing angle.

TENROD Australia presents another state-of-the-art warm white LED in the LED market - the Power DomiLED Warm White LED from Dominant.

With its significant power in terms of brightness, viewing angle and variety of application possibilities, Power DomiLED is a standout performer.

Like other warm white LEDs, Power DomiLEDs are designed for 120° viewing angle and have typical 2000mlm flux output at 30mA.

Power DomiLEDs are based on PLCC-4 standard package dimensions. This package design, coupled with careful selection of component materials, allow the LEDs to perform with high reliability over -40°C to 100°C temperature range.

Power DomiLED can be driven at high current due to its superior package and thermal design and is compatible with both IR solder flow and through-the-wave soldering.

These radiant designs are equipped with the advanced JEDEC Moisture Sensitivity Level 2 and RoHS compliance.

With its significant design and high performance, Power DomiLED is ideal for various light applications such as general lights, garden lights, architecture lights and street lights.

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