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Aluminium LED Lighting for Showcases and Shelves

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article image Aluminium LED Lighting for Showcases

Tenrod Australia  offers a range of LED lighting solutions designed specifically for showcases and shelves.  

Tenrod’s lighting solutions for showcases or shelving are easy-to-install and offer brilliant lighting.  

Showcase LEDs are encased in aluminium sections that are specially designed for lighting effects and mounting convenience.  

In LED lights for glass showcases, the aluminium section has a shrouded edging to block out any glare to the viewer while throwing light at a 45-degree angle on to the articles on display.  

LED lighting is also suitable for downlighting applications along a shelf. Straight aluminium-encased LEDs provide brilliant and even lighting on to the shelf. The LEDs are encapsulated inside a waterproof transparent sealing for protection.  

LEDs provide solid-state lighting without mercury or risk of glass break. Available in white and warm white, LED lights offer a lifespan of 50,000 hours, lasting much longer than fluorescent lamps.  

Operating at 12VDC, LED lighting is safe and easy to install into furniture.

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