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World first Gum Removal Vehicle exclusively distributed by Tennant

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Tennant  recently announced an exclusive agreement with Queensland company Gum Removal Vehicle, which will enable Tennant to bring the world first product gum removal device to councils, education facilities, and public spaces around Australia.

With Over 370 million packs of gum chewed by 10 million Australians every year, chewing gum pollution has become an unsightly epidemic throughout the country.

The Gum Removal Vehicle is an Australian made and highly visible gum removal device which is helping to ‘educate’ the public and ‘eradicate’ the problem of chewing gum and minor litter.

The eye catching vehicle has been designed to be used in daylight hours in full public view. High impact, moving LED message boards allow direct communication with the public and provide an explanation of the problem and solution.

“When people become aware of the problem they tend to take more care,” explains Richard Purkiss, Managing Director of Gum Removal Vehicle.

"lf we show the public the trouble gum takes to clean up, maybe we can change some habits," continues Purkiss.
Energy efficient, the Gum Removal Vehicle is a solar powered 48 volt battery operated electric vehicle that uses the world's best practice steam cleaning machine to remove chewing gum at a rate of up to 700 pieces per hour.

The steam equipment is currently run by a silent generator and uses less than 3 litres of water per hour. In comparison the standard practise of high pressure washers can use up to 25 litres of water per minute. The steam, specially formulated AQUIS approved detergent, and a quick scrub with the brush literally liquefies the gum in seconds and then the built in vacuum takes away all traces of moisture, leaving the surface immediately dry and ready to walk on.

"We are extremely excited about this product,” says Tennant’s Marketing Manager, Elissa Dowler.

"Having recently launched the product at the Civenex show, we were inundated with enquiries, not only that but the positive response extended by the judging panel as the Gum Removal Vehicle won the award for “Most Innovative Product”, which shows the industry need for this product,” continues Dowler.
The Gum Removal Vehicle not only destroys gum but can also carry out a number of other functions which add a new dimension of versatility to any city cleaning programme, including:

  • clean and sanitise toilets, showers, street furniture, glass, mirrors and bins
  • remove posters and some graffiti
  • kill weeds
  • vacuum up cigarette butts.
The Gum Removal Vehicle is ideal for:
  • bus stops
  • shops and malls
  • universities
  • schools
  • amusement parks
  • airports and transit stations
  • government buildings
  • town centres; and
  • cinemas.

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