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Tennant unveils ech2o cleaning technology

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Tennant  Company, a leader in designing, manufacturing and marketing solutions that help create a cleaner, safer world, has unveiled ech2o (pronounced echo) in the U.S.A. ech2o is a cleaning technology that electrically activates plain tap water, making it behave like a powerful detergent without any added chemicals.

ech2o offers significant customer advantages including ease of use and improved operator safety.

ech2o’s cleaning effectiveness is proven without the negative environmental impact and health issues associated with producing, packaging, transporting, using and disposing of traditional cleaning chemicals.

ech2o begins as water and ends as water. Tennant will be launching ech2o in Australia in 2008.

By changing the properties of plain tap water, ech2o enables it to clean. It virtually eliminates any negative impact the cleaning process may have on our natural environment.

ech2o technology will be available on Tennant and Nobles branded floor scrubbers as early as this fall 2007. Sales of ech2o-equipped machines are expected to ramp in the spring of 2008, according to Killingstad.

How ech2o works:

The ech2o technology has multiple patents pending. The system works by unlocking the vast amounts of energy stored in the water molecule H2O. This is accomplished through a special ech2o unit that is installed in a Tennant Company floor-cleaning machine.

Inside the unit, two primary steps transform normal tap water into a powerful cleaning solution.

In the first step, water passes through electrified screens in the oxygenation chamber, creating highly oxygenated micro-bubbles.

In the second step, the oxygenated water is sent through a water cell where an electric current is applied.

Flowing out of the water cell is highly charged, acidic and alkaline water with all the attributes of a powerful cleaner. In this activated state, ech2o is an effective cleaning agent that poses no harm to the surfaces or finishes it cleans, or to people using the technology.

The electrically charged water attacks the dirt, breaks it into smaller particles and suspends it off the floor’s surface enabling the scrubber’s pads or brushes to easily remove the soil.

Approximately 45 seconds after it was created, the cleaning solution returns to plain H2O. What is left in the recovery tank is just plain water and dirt. In this process, 100% of the water used reverts to neutral tap water and can be handled and disposed of safely.

Since no detergents are added to the ech2o system, ech2o does not leave slippery detergent residue on the floor, nor does it release used detergent discharge into water systems.

Further, eliminating the need for chemical additives enhances worker safety and reduces costs for purchasing and disposal of chemicals.

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