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Tennant Validates Effectiveness of its Proven ec-H2O Technology in Floor Scrubbers

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Tennant  is setting the record straight about claims made by its competitors on the cleaning effectiveness of its floor scrubbers based on the proprietary ec-H2O technology.  

While validating the efficacy of the proven ec-H2O technology, Tennant Company, a world-leading manufacturer of cleaning equipment and solutions says it will defend this proprietary technology from misleading claims made by competitors against its cleaning effectiveness.  

This announcement is in response to a recent press release issued by Nilfisk-Advance, a division of NKT Holding A/S, and related statements that attempt to discredit the effectiveness of Tennant’s electrically converted water technology.  

Nilfisk-Advance has claimed that a study they commissioned showed Tennant Company’s ec-H2O technology in floor scrubbers worked ‘no better than tap water’ and not as well as detergents when, in fact the study only tested the ec-H2O technology on petroleum-based soils.  

Tennant does not claim that its chemical-free cleaning technology is effective on such petroleum-based soils and has consistently recommended chemical cleaning products such as Tennant FaST 965 for such applications.  

Tennant has demanded that Nilfisk-Advance take immediate action to stop the dissemination of these misleading statements.  

While commenting that they will continue to develop and market innovative cleaning solutions and would expect to face competitive challenges as they become more successful in the marketplace, Chris Killingstad, President and CEO of Tennant Company says that they will also vigorously protect their technologies, products and brand from being the subjects of false and/or misleading statements.  

Tennant Company’s ec-H2O is a revolutionary technology, which electrically converts water into a superior cleaning solution that cleans as well or better than traditional general-purpose cleaning chemicals and provides a lower total cost of ownership and safety benefits.  

General-purpose cleaning encompasses the majority of scrubber cleaning applications. Using ec-H2O also reduces the environmental impact of cleaning operations by up to 98 percent according to a study performed by EcoForm, a leading technical environmental analysis firm based in Tennessee.  

Tennant’s ec-H2O technology has been on the market for 29 months and has won many prestigious awards and certifications including being named one of R&D Magazine’s 100 Most Technologically Significant Products in 2008 and receiving the European Business Award for Business Innovation of the Year in 2009.  

Third-party studies commissioned by Tennant have also validated the performance of ec-H2O technology.  

In a whitepaper prepared by Aspen Research Corporation of St. Paul, Minn., Aspen research scientists summarised their test findings:  

‘Tests performed by Aspen Research since 2006 consistently demonstrated that the water-electrolysis process (ec-H2O) cleaned as well as or better than industry-accepted general-purpose cleaners.’  

The study also noted other benefits reported by the customers who tested ec-H2O, including reports of ‘…removal of more dirt from the floor, reduction of unpleasant odour in the scrubber’s recovery tanks, left no residue on a highly polished floor and floors dried more quickly.’  

Elliott Affiliates of Baltimore, MD performed a controlled study in multiple environments within a US-based bottling plant, testing the effectiveness of a scrubber using ec-H2O technology compared to a scrubber using chemicals. The study concluded:  

‘The Tennant ec-H2O floor scrubber delivered greater ATP (adenosine triphosphate) and bacteria reduction and higher appearance and sustainability than the floor scrubber using a designated chemical cleaner.’  

Tennant says the best validation comes from their customers who are successfully and cost-effectively using ec-H2O technology to clean in retail, healthcare, education and other commercial and industrial environments.  

Customers’ confidence in this proven technology has contributed to Tennant’s solid financial performance. In its October 26, 2010 earnings release, Tennant reported record year-to-date sales of $63 million from floor scrubbers equipped with ec-H2O technology.

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