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Tennant Australia Introduces T16 Battery-Powered Rider Scrubbers

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Tennant  Company introduces a new line of battery-powered rider scrubbers designed for industrial and commercial applications.  

Tennant is a specialist in cleaning technologies designed to create a cleaner, safer and healthier world.  

The T16 battery-powered rider scrubbers combine Tennant’s quality construction and innovative technologies to provide a lower cost of ownership while improving productivity and safety.  

The T16 can be equipped with one of Tennant’s three cleaning technologies.

According to Rusty Zay, vice president of Global Marketing with Tennant Company, T16 floor scrubbers provide BSCs, facility managers, and other industrial and commercial customers a powerhouse solution that improves safety, productivity and performance while delivering value.  

By selecting a cleaning technology most appropriate to their needs, T16 users can achieve a reduction in operating costs of up to 20 percent compared to traditional scrubbing methods based on acquisition cost, operating labour, consumables and maintenance.  

Key features of T16 battery-powered floor scrubbers: 

  • User-friendly design enhances safety with an intuitive Touch-N-Go control module located in the steering wheel
  • Control module allows the operator to keep both hands on the wheel while operating the scrubbing functions and provides better operator visibility
  • Improved productivity and simplified daily maintenance with colour-highlighted maintenance touch points
  • Suitable for cleaning professionals in diverse industrial and commercial environments
  • Ideal for warehousing and distribution centres, light to heavy manufacturing plants, airports, convention centres and arenas, shopping centres, educational institutions and healthcare facilities  
  • Allows unobtrusive around-the-clock cleaning with sound at just 68 dBA, the sound level of normal room conversation

The T16 can be equipped with any of Tennant’s three proven cleaning technologies:

  • ec-H2O electrically converted water technology
  • FaST foam-activated scrubbing technology
  • ES extended scrubbing technology

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