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Sweeper-scrubber hopper triples capacity

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article image The Tennant 8300 ride-on sweeper/scrubber.
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THE Tennant 8300 ride-on sweeper/scrubber, featuring Tennant's patented Multi-Technology Sweeping (MTS) system, is designed to hold up to 136kg of debris - three times the capacity of previous sweeper-scrubbers.

By combining high-capacity sweeping in advance of scrubbing, the new battery-powered 8300 provides a boost in cleaning efficiency and productivity.

"The heart of the MTS system is a 250mm main brush that works together with a 200mm re-directional cylinder to sweep debris into the front of the hopper," says product marketing manager Glenn McNutt.

"This loads the hopper evenly front-to-back and effectively triples its capacity without increasing the size of the machine. Combined with a 1220mm scrubbing path, a 216L solution tank and a 280L recovery tank, this means the 8300 can clean up to 9600m2/h."

With a maximum sweeping path of 1630mm, the 8300 is designed to sweep up light debris - from crushed popcorn boxes to sand, bolts, nails or even chunks of brick - in advance of scrubbing.

The unit's scrubbing capacity matches its sweeping capacity, and with the ES (extended scrubbing) option that features detergent metering and auto-fill, scrubbing time can be extended up to 360 per cent.

The debris hopper on the 8300 utilises a "smart" microprocessor to keep itself level as it dumps up to five feet in the air. After rotating through 160 degrees and dumping, the hopper senses its position on the way down and locks back into place, readjusting if necessary.

Power steering is standard, along with one-button scrubbing, on-board diagnostics and an LCD system. Maintenance is simplified since no tools are required to change the brushes, squeegee or filter.

An optional large-capacity 1000 amp-hour battery compartment delivers maximum machine run-time. Tennant Company 02 9743 7955.

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